Mar 10

Your relationship with money

WomanHoldingCoinsOne of my mentors once told me:

“Be mindful of your relationship with money for it is the magnifier of all your relationships and the quality of your relationships is a magnifier of you.”

Now some people get kind of funny when you bring up the subject of money.  But I find this thought he posed to me fascinating.  So I offer this exercise to you.  Take out your journal or a piece of paper, find yourself a quiet space for 10 minutes and ask yourself, “How do I define my relationship with money?”

Would you categorise it in any of the following ways:

  • It’s always a struggle
  • I use it with little regard
  • It brings me joy
  • I often resent it
  • It’s a cornerstone of my life
  • I want it to provide for my needs
  • I don’t plan for the future
  • It’s easy and effortless to earn
  • It’s never enough

Or does it bring up other thoughts for you?  After you’ve completed your list compare your statements to the other relationships in your life – your partner, your family, your friends, your co-workers.  Do you see where there is a crossover?  Circle the statements that do.  You can use different colours for different relationships.

Once you’ve done that think about how you can change your approach to those relationships.  Commit to one thing you can do differently starting today.  I’ll guarantee when you do your relationship with money will also change.

Let me know how you go!

Image courtesy of twobee/FreeDigitalPhotos.net