6th April 2014

Oh my goodness, Shan Lawson just worked with me to figure out my passion archetypes and my talent archetypes. It all makes so much sense! Especially when I realise that things I’m GOOD at (talent archetypes) don’t necessarily have to be things I LOVE (passion archetypes.)

The people going to Shan’s workshop this Thursday are in for a huge treat. — feeling great.

Debbie Thompson, Central Coast NSW

10th March 2014

I visited Shan Lawson last week to help me overcome my lack of confidence in the workplace. I felt really comfortable and safe opening up and after sitting with her for an hour I feel as though I have reached a break through point- not only in my work life, but in my personal life too. I would like to take a moment to thank Shan, and I would strongly suggest anybody that would like to excel in their work life and grow as a person would benefit greatly from at least an hour with Shan, just like I did.

Thank you so much Shan!! I would love any opportunity to meet with you again.

Sarah, Central Coast NSW

10th February 2014 – 6 Week program participant

Good morning Ladies! Yesterday while I took my time to move and walk, I had the great pleasure of listening to the week 6 webinar – WOW! I wish I could have been there. My hubby is away and Monday night got a bit crazy with kids and dog and I needed to calm the chaos. Thank you Shan & Veronica, I was really touched by the level of sharing and sincerity. I have really valued this 6 weeks journey. I no longer verbally abuse myself!!!! More importantly I am able to ‘forgive’ myself and let things go. Lemon water has become a habit. I am eager to CHOOSE healthy foods. And I have found it easier to make time to exercise knowing it will make me feel good. I think the relationship I have with myself right now is better than I’ve had with myself EVER!!!! Veronica, I have loved your sharing and have related to so much of what you have said – I feel really fortunate to have been on this 6 week journey with you xo This 6 weeks for me has been both confronting and delightful. My head is full of information and I am challenged on a daily basis, because in the moment, I am conscious of my language, my mood, my reactions to situations and it’s challenging assimilating all the weeks of information so that I CHOOSE to Live Above the Line. Shan, I feel so grateful and privileged that you have committed us – thank you! At the end of the year when I meet myself – I will say, “I KNEW You could do it Nicky!!!!!” and then I will give myself the biggest pride filled hug.

Nicky G, NSW

22nd August 2013

Wow!!! I’m still so shocked at how amazing my session with Shan was. I didn’t quite know what to expect, I had my iPad ready to take down notes because that’s the type of session I thought it was going to be.

I soon realised that it wasn’t going to be a one of those coaching sessions. I was taken on my journey and Shan was able to unlock things that I never knew where are blockage in in where I wanted to go but now I feel like I’m in the drivers seat of my life and I can take on any challenges that come my way! This has been such an enlightening experience is so hard to describe how good it feels so in saying that I would highly highly highly recommended Shan to anyone that feels that there is something blocking their way but don’t know where to start.

Shan you are utterly amazing!!!

Thank you,
Central Coast NSW

9th August 2013 – 15 minute laser session

Shan, what an amazing session. 15 minutes or less but was so powerful. Thank you for the wonderful insight. Worth, to me, a nugget of gold.

And the reminder of the visual you took me through, again powerful. If your 15 mins are this powerful, i cannot wait to see what a full session would be like with you. I look forward to sharing your work with others.

Kerry V, Melbourne

28th October 2012

This is to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent guidance whilst coaching me.

Shan you were a fair but firm coach pulling me up where I needed to be pulled up.

You giving me the space I needed, allowed me to understand myself and my actions and how changing my focus can give me the results I’m looking for; How I can step up and take responsibility for how I choose to react and who I need to be in order for things around me to change.

Thank you for turning up and giving your all to me and showing complete faith in me through the light and dark times. It has meant so much to me and I will continue to put my new skills to practice and think of you as I continue to grow and succeed in my career.

Shan you’re awesome, keep doing the great job you do and I wish you every happiness always.

Kath Devine
BN, PG Dip Nursing, PG Cert Neonates
New Zealand

3rd October 2012

When I was looking for a coach with NLP skills I was fortunate enough to come across Shan Lawson.

I was at a time of change in my life and I found a lot of issues were coming up and I was wanting to move forward with my life and let go of the limiting beliefs that I knew were holding me back.

I knew immediately after my first session with Shan that I had found the right coach for me.

Shan was able to establish great rapport with me instantly, she listened attentively and was able to understand my issues and suggested several techniques to assist me to release my negative emotions.   I am so grateful for Shan’s fantastic NLP and coaching skills that enabled me to make the shift inside myself that I needed.  I feel liberated from my fears and I am now looking forward to my future with excitement and joy.

Shan is truly a very genuine, generous and caring woman and I am very pleased to have met her.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Shan Lawson and I am more than happy to be contacted for a verbal reference if required. – Cathy Shaw, NSW

20th August 2012

I engaged Shan as a coach for six sessions throughout July & August 2012 and she rocked my world! I knew I had a few blocks in taking my business to the next level and Shan helped me identify them and blast them away! And after such success with the business side of things, we also explored taking other areas of my life to the next level such as my relationship and my health.

Shan’s coaching style is thoughtful and insightful, and completely no nonsense when she needs to be. There is no hiding! And the challenges she gave me about what I was thinking or the way I thought were great. I had many ‘oh yeah’ and ‘a-ha’ moments, with a particular insight in our fifth session which served me in a way I would never have conceived if I hadn’t started this journey. We found my superpower – woohoo!! And also my biggest blind spot – aha!! It was amazing, and I’m so grateful for the awareness it brings to my life now.

Shan is an inspirational lady, with such a beautiful generous heart. I’ve appreciated every moment we spent together – we had lots of fun and giggles along the way! I’ve learnt so much about myself and also picked up valuable learnings about coaching too. Thank you Shan for this amazing opportunity, and for being a fantastic coaching model for me.

Rebecca Livesey, Leadership & Strategy Coach, Achieve, Lead Succeed, Brisbane, Qld

18th July 2012

A few weeks ago, I put my hand up to take up the wonderful offer of pro bono coaching sessions with the amazing Shan Lawson. This morning, Shan changed my life!
Unconsciously, I had placed a long standing, very unhealthy, block in front of a simple truth.
This block had served me for almost 20 years.
One simple, heartfelt question, a question I’ve asked myself countless times in the past, brought the truth of the block into my awareness!
Now, having the knowledge of the higher intention I have always had for myself, I have successfully replaced that old thing with even more resourceful, healthy ways to satisfy my truth!!
My new mantra – ‘Whenever I breathe, I am experiencing ME time!’
Thank you really isn’t enough.
The length, depth and breadth of my gratitude is boundless!
Shan – you have rocked my world!
Much love to you.
Feel The Love!! – Chrissy, Victoria

6th June 2012

I was introduced to Shan Lawson by a friend who had just completed her coaching studies. I had never had a coaching session before, but with her recommendation I thought I would give it a try.

Initially I didn’t know what to expect and thought that six sessions probably can’t get very deep. I was wrong. I was very surprised at how Shan helped me gently to understand myself better.

It doesn’t always feel good to deal with my problems but Shan helps me and gives me tools to get through it.

I have a newly found respect of “soul work” and will continue working on myself with her. She is a very thoughtful and caring person and I know she will have a very fortunate group of clients. – Lena, Hong Kong

16th May 2012

Shan is awesome, amazing and fantastic.
She has helped open my mind and brought out my inner confidence, that has been lacking for a very long time.
Thanks for all your help Shan, I am ready to take on the world. – Rachael, Tasmania

Contact Shan today at shan@centrefieldcoaching.com.au or phone +61 2 4333 8908