Oct 03

Testimonial 3rd October 2012

When I was looking for a coach with NLP skills I was fortunate enough to come across Shan Lawson.

I was at a time of change in my life and I found a lot of issues were coming up and I was wanting to move forward with my life and let go of the limiting beliefs that I knew were holding me back.

I knew immediately after my first session with Shan that I had found the right coach for me.

Shan was able to establish great rapport with me instantly, she listened attentively and was able to understand my issues and suggested several techniques to assist me to release my negative emotions.   I am so grateful for Shan’s fantastic NLP and coaching skills that enabled me to make the shift inside myself that I needed.  I feel liberated from my fears and I am now looking forward to my future with excitement and joy.

Shan is truly a very genuine, generous and caring woman and I am very pleased to have met her.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Shan Lawson and I am more than happy to be contacted for a verbal reference if required. – Cathy Shaw