Aug 20

Testimonial 20th August 2012

I engaged Shan as a coach for six sessions throughout July & August 2012 and she rocked my world! I knew I had a few blocks in taking my business to the next level and Shan helped me identify them and blast them away! And after such success with the business side of things, we also explored taking other areas of my life to the next level such as my relationship and my health.

Shan’s coaching style is thoughtful and insightful, and completely no nonsense when she needs to be. There is no hiding! And the challenges she gave me about what I was thinking or the way I thought were great. I had many ‘oh yeah’ and ‘a-ha’ moments, with a particular insight in our fifth session which served me in a way I would never have conceived if I hadn’t started this journey. We found my superpower – woohoo!! And also my biggest blind spot – aha!! It was amazing, and I’m so grateful for the awareness it brings to my life now.

Shan is an inspirational lady, with such a beautiful generous heart. I’ve appreciated every moment we spent together – we had lots of fun and giggles along the way! I’ve learnt so much about myself and also picked up valuable learnings about coaching too. Thank you Shan for this amazing opportunity, and for being a fantastic coaching model for me.

Rebecca Livesey, Leadership & Strategy Coach, Achieve, Lead Succeed