Jul 18

Testimonial 18th July 2012

A few weeks ago, I put my hand up to take up the wonderful offer of pro bono coaching sessions with the amazing Shan Lawson. This morning, Shan changed my life!

Unconsciously, I had placed a long standing, very unhealthy, block in front of a simple truth.
This block had served me for almost 20 years.
One simple, heartfelt question, a question I’ve asked myself countless times in the past, brought the truth of the block into my awareness!
Now, having the knowledge of the higher intention I have always had for myself, I have successfully replaced that old thing with even more resourceful, healthy ways to satisfy my truth!!
My new mantra – ‘Whenever I breathe, I am experiencing ME time!’
Thank you really isn’t enough.
The length, depth and breadth of my gratitude is boundless!
Shan – you have rocked my world!
Much love to you.
Feel The Love!! – Chrissy, Victoria