Feb 10

I am able to “forgive” myself and let things go

Good morning Ladies! Yesterday while I took my time to move and walk, I had the great pleasure of listening to the week 6 webinar – WOW! I wish I could have been there. My hubby is away and Monday night got a bit crazy with kids and dog and I needed to calm the chaos. Thank you Shan & Veronica, I was really touched by the level of sharing and sincerity. I have really valued this 6 weeks journey. I no longer verbally abuse myself!!!! More importantly I am able to ‘forgive’ myself and let things go. Lemon water has become a habit. I am eager to CHOOSE healthy foods. And I have found it easier to make time to exercise knowing it will make me feel good. I think the relationship I have with myself right now is better than I’ve had with myself EVER!!!! Veronica, I have loved your sharing and have related to so much of what you have said – I feel really fortunate to have been on this 6 week journey with you xo This 6 weeks for me has been both confronting and delightful. My head is full of information and I am challenged on a daily basis, because in the moment, I am conscious of my language, my mood, my reactions to situations and it’s challenging assimilating all the weeks of information so that I CHOOSE to Live Above the Line. Shan, I feel so grateful and privileged that you have committed us – thank you! At the end of the year when I meet myself – I will say, “I KNEW You could do it Nicky!!!!!” and then I will give myself the biggest pride filled hug.

Nicky G, NSW – 10th February 2014