Discover Your Purpose & Passion


Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life!

That’s what they say …

  • But what if you don’t have a clear idea of you’re truly passionate about?
  • What if you thought you once knew but now you’re not so sure?
  • What if you have reached a point where you’re starting to question whether you’re on the right track these days so you just procrastinate and do very little?
  • Where do you turn and what the hell do you do?????

Were you once optimistic and energetic about your future but notice lately you’ve been coasting through life instead of LIVING it?

That was me three years ago.  My business was slowing down and I knew I didn’t want to continue on the same path and yet I had no clue about what it is I did want to do.  I felt completely stuck and very frustrated.  I knew I should do something but what?  I kept hearing and reading about the fact that I should do what I’m passionate about.  Sounds obvious right?  But I didn’t have a clear idea of what that was and that just added to my frustration.

I began studying personal development and coaching and whilst I loved the learning and helping people I still hadn’t found my “thing”, my niche, my passion.

And then I found the key!  At the core of each and every person is their authentic self.  And whilst there are thousands of individual differences there are eight major models that are represented by a particular archetype.  Once you discover the archetype that represents you it’s easy to see what you’re passionate about and why.

This was so exciting to me!  At last I had the information I needed to help people discover their purpose and passion.  And guess what?  Doing that is my purpose and passion because I know how horrible it feels to be lost, directionless – it sucks!

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Here’s what you’ll uncover during passion and purpose coaching:

  • How to decode your dreams and passions
  • You’ll find your 3 Passion and Purpose Archetypes
  • You’ll clear the blocks so you stop procrastinating or getting bored
  • How to take action on your goals in an incredibly simple and effective way

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