Jun 21

Ideal Day

Imagine this:

A rich Aunt that you never knew has died and left you $17 million.  The only condition for you to receive this money is that you must get up every morning and do what you love to do.  What would you do to get that money?

Our lives are made up of moment to moment experiences. What we choose for ourselves for this moment will determine how we feel about life – which is really us determining how we feel about ourselves.

Most people think life gets better if they ‘have’ something, or ‘get’ something – more happiness, more time, more freedom, more money, a better car, a bigger house … The truth is, ‘getting more stuff’ is not the answer to a fulfilling life.

A life well lived consists of moments upon moments, where you experience what it is you value experiencing.

Whatever it is for you, the question to ask yourself is this – what is my Ideal Average Day?

The day which, if I was to live it every day, I’d never get bored and I’d never get sick and it wouldn’t hurt anyone or me.

Download this exercise template here and have fun! Centrefield-Ideal-Average-Day-Exercise

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net