Oct 25

Feel the Burn

For most people, if you stick your hand in a fire you feel pain and you withdraw it to prevent any further damage.  It’s instant feedback and it’s designed to keep you safe.

What happens when things they are potentially damaging to you do not hurt straight away or even feel good at the time you’re doing them?  What do you do then?

For example, on a logical level you know that overeating or drinking too much alcohol is hindering your weight loss efforts.  At the time when you’re eating your favourite comfort food or downing your third glass of wine it doesn’t feel bad – usually it’s quite the opposite.

It’s later when you can’t fit into your clothes anymore, your’re out of breathe climbing the stairs, you stand on the scale and cringe at the number or you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and tired.

In your business you know that the accounts need to be done, that important but boring task needs to be completed or you should make some sales calls.  But it’s much more fun checking out Facebook or playing around with your latest brochure design or listening to a fascinating podcast.  It’s not until later you get a threatening letter from the tax man, a deadline is looming uncomfortably fast or your client list is nearly empty that swing into action with gusto.

What’s the answer?

You need to change the meaning you assign to each item or event.  You to increase your association of pain to what’s getting in the way of your success and increase pleasure to what will get you your desired outcome quicker.

This is where coaching shines!  If you’d like to find out more or book in for a free session to see how coaching can help you email me today shan@centrefieldcoaching.com.au

Image courtesy of federico stevanin/FreeDigitalPhotos.net