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Jul 25

A new lease on life!

I recently sat down with Brenda from the Central Coast to help her Discover her Passion and Purpose.  Here’s what she had to say about our session and her results: The time I spent with Shan discovering my Passion and Purpose Archetypes was priceless. Before the session I was feeling pulled in all directions, not …

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Apr 07

It all makes so much sense!

Oh my goodness, Shan Lawson just worked with me to figure out my passion archetypes and my talent archetypes. It all makes so much sense! Especially when I realise that things I’m GOOD at (talent archetypes) don’t necessarily have to be things I LOVE (passion archetypes.) The people going to Shan’s workshop this Thursday are in for …

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Mar 19

I have reached a break through point

I visited Shan Lawson last week to help me overcome my lack of confidence in the workplace. I felt really comfortable and safe opening up and after sitting with her for an hour I feel as though I have reached a break through point- not only in my work life, but in my personal life …

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Mar 10

Your relationship with money

One of my mentors once told me: “Be mindful of your relationship with money for it is the magnifier of all your relationships and the quality of your relationships is a magnifier of you.” Now some people get kind of funny when you bring up the subject of money.  But I find this thought he …

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Feb 10

I am able to “forgive” myself and let things go

Good morning Ladies! Yesterday while I took my time to move and walk, I had the great pleasure of listening to the week 6 webinar – WOW! I wish I could have been there. My hubby is away and Monday night got a bit crazy with kids and dog and I needed to calm the …

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Aug 22

I’m in the driver’s seat of my life

Wow!!! I’m still so shocked at how amazing my session with Shan was. I didn’t quite know what to expect, I had my iPad ready to take down notes because that’s the type of session I thought it was going to be. I soon realised that it wasn’t going to be a one of those …

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Jun 26

It’s not my fault! Or is it?

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to “sail through” life and get all the “lucky breaks”?  Whilst other people seem to be visited by the bad luck fairy all the time? Is this a phenomenon?  Are some people “blessed”?  Or is there something else at play here? Here’s the truth … we’re …

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Oct 25

Feel the Burn

For most people, if you stick your hand in a fire you feel pain and you withdraw it to prevent any further damage.  It’s instant feedback and it’s designed to keep you safe. What happens when things they are potentially damaging to you do not hurt straight away or even feel good at the time …

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Aug 13

10 Keys to Achieving Extraordinary

Extraordinary is ordinary (every day) people making decisions on a consistent basis to do what is extraordinary. Extraordinary is in all of us but there is a price to be paid for it.  Don’t settle for less, don’t blame circumstance, your environment or others for not achieving what you set out to achieve. Extraordinary is …

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