Aug 13

10 Keys to Achieving Extraordinary

Extraordinary is ordinary (every day) people making decisions on a consistent basis to do what is extraordinary.

Extraordinary is in all of us but there is a price to be paid for it.  Don’t settle for less, don’t blame circumstance, your environment or others for not achieving what you set out to achieve.

Extraordinary is tapping into that part of you and asking more of yourself so you can experience growth and can start moving towards feeling fulfillment.

There is always a way if the goal is worth having.  So start with the end in mind.  Extraordinary has action in it.  It has a sense of purpose about it.  Knowledge is part of the power.  Knowledge with action is complete power.

Extraordinary is in the unknown.  Control is an illusion.  Let go of your need for certainty – if you feed it too much you’ll sacrifice everything else.

Here are 10 keys to achieving extraordinary.  Feel free to add any of your own in the comments box.


  1. Embrace uncertainty
  2. Be willing to do the work
  3. Set clear goals
  4. Make decisions quickly
  5. Say yes often and quickly
  6. Ask quality questions
  7. Give up defending the need to always be “right”
  8. Break things down into manageable steps
  9. Realise it’s available to you
  10. Decide there’s pleasure in striving for it

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net